Nike Air Force 1 Low “Have A Good Game” Vinyl Overlays Unveils this Weekend

Nike Air Force 1 Low “Have A Good Game” Vinyl Overlays Unveils this Weekend

Throughout the year, Cadysneaker launched a large number of extensive series based on themes such as sustainable development and free movement. The brand's latest product is the "Play a Good Game" capsule, which features Nike Air Force 1 Low. A black synthetic leather base set on the stage is covered with vinyl on the upper layer. The lace protection, side decorations, and the surrounding and heel decorations all highlight elements such as orange, green, and purple. This mismatched, multi-color arrangement is undoubtedly inspired by the bright lights of many digital worlds and the RGB LED lights that accompany game settings everywhere. The capsule-specific brand and logo appear on the tongue and heel of the Nike Air Force No. 1 shoe. There are two graphics with headphones on the heel. The sole unit chooses a relatively simple palette, although Bruce Kilgore's iconic pattern movement glows in the dark. The included accessories can be exchanged for a more arbitrary arrangement.

Put your hands together and let the latest NBA superstar rise to the level of signature shoe athletes. This person is Atlanta Hawks guard Trey Young. New Release Yeezy ,This energetic player in scoring and passing led the team to the Eastern Conference Finals last season. He hopes to be the 75th in the upcoming NBA. Exceed this milestone during the season. Since graduating from college, Trey has not shown any weaknesses, and his game level has continued to improve, but it is he who has become a leader, which will mean that the Eagles will win the next 82 games. success. Released on October 1st is Adidas Trae Young 1’s iconic sneaker. This is an outstanding sneaker featuring a low-slit structure, BOOST cushioning and Lightstrike midsole-all of which have been proven It is a necessary material for the most advanced basketball game. Five color schemes have been confirmed to be released in the next two months. First, ICEE and Cotton Candy on October 1st, So So Def on November 5th, and the Peach Tree version on November 19th. All products retail for $140 and can be purchased on the Adidas website and partner retailers. Check out Trey and his new signature shoes below, so stay tuned.

In recent years, with the silhouettes of Jordan MA2 and Jordan Air NFH, Jumpman has been working hard to expand its lifestyle lineup. Skechers Womens Outlet ,This plan is still going on. Next month, Jordan Air Mae will release a refreshing "sky blue" color scheme. Often wearing shoes of toned, this new Air Mae wears a light blue net. The soft tones are suitable for all designs, including perforated leather ankles and suede accents on the back foot. The thick, padded midsole and visible Air unit broke the plan and chose an all-white appearance. However, things went back to blue because the rubber outsole that provides full grip is finished with translucent ice. Teaser in advance, this Dunk Low Scrap is finally close to its official release. On September 28, Colorway will quickly land in the European Union and is expected to be completed before its global debut. Compared with its predecessor, the pair began to fade brighter colors. But this does not mean that they have been completely removed, because dark orange, water blue and red rarely appear on the upper. In the middle, the neutral colors of white and black fill in the gaps, creating an asymmetry as they color the entire grid and leather panels.


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